Friday, September 30, 2011

the friend i wish i could be

I recently just had a friend of mine leave. Even though we didn't know each other long, I feel as if I have known her for forever. She was my neighbor in the summer time for my first summer up here :) I guess I could say she was really my first true girl friend after being away from home and growing distant to all my friends from home. She always knew what to say and how to make me laugh. Also when we never had much to say we would still just enjoy each others company and other times we could never shut up!

She is one of the sweetest girls I know, also she is the type of friend I wish I could be. She is always there for you no matter what, and always has a ear to listen to your problems and help you even if she had a million going on herself!

She was always there for me even if I couldn't be there for her and I guess I thought she would always be in batavia and never really leave or it would be way longer till she left than a week. That we would have more time to make our friendship stronger, but instead I took this for granted :(  I regret being so busy all the time so I could of been with her, or I wish I was better at prioritizing like her and put friends first instead of myself. She has taught me a lot about the friend I want to be and how to be one. Even thought she is gone now, I plan on to work on my friendship skills more and hope that I can be a loyal friend like she has always been to me by using the old fashion mailing system :)


Dear Elizabeth,
I love you very much! You are everything a friend should be and I hope that one day I can be the friend that you were to me, to you! I know you better where you are now! I hope that everything your doing there helps you get your life back to how you want it, and it will help you make plans to reach all the dreams you tell me about! I promise to send lots of letters, cards and stickers! :) You can hold it to me! Don't totally forget about me why your there :( I would be really sad! :( And when you come back to New York, I'm going to be standing in your room waiting for you! :) as long as that's okay with your mommy and dad ;) Anyways, have fun, but not too much without me <3

love you and miss you girl <3

me :)