Tuesday, March 20, 2012

There is more to a person and to the world then sex....

Hello Blogging World its been a while,

Hmmm where to start, I honestly do not have any idea where or how to stat this blog post. My heart is aching right now for the lost for the people who do not know the Lord and do not know that this world holds nothing compared to the place God has been making for us. It sadness my heart to see how today's society allows so many wrong things. How people live for worldly pleasures. I'm happy to say that what you experience in this world is not even a centimeter close to what God has for you after he comes back to get us, don't forget that! Don't let the world take over your hear.

1 John 2:15

Love not the world, neither the things [that are] in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 
 Let me first start off that I truly do respect everyone's different thoughts and beliefs but when my beliefs are put to the test, trampled on and made fun of do not ask me to sit it out. Also do not think I will hold back what I have to say to about what I believe if you ask. Also I do demand respect from you when you read this, I will not have you bash this post just like I will never bash your thoughts, so if you read this keep your mind open and your mouth shut and if you do not like what I have to say, you can just leave :)

Okay, so lets just start at the beginning,
In high school I made a promise to God that I would remain pure until marriage. Also I learned very fast that this would label me as a "goody too shoe" or "different". And to me this was okay, because I knew was I was doing the right thing and doing the right thing may come with a price to pay. Just like I knew doing the right thing would bring honor to God and shine a light unto the dark. After learning about what my friends have done, I was quick to judge them. After judging them I then knew I was wrong to judge but that judgement should only come from God and that he would give out his judgment when the time came so my job was not to judge but to shine my light and try to give Godly advice. Maybe I didn't give the best advice or always said the right thing, but I do know that I tried. So being the "weird girl" or the girl a boy couldn't get anything from I graduated with only having dated 2 boys, one only being a "real" relationship. I am proud to say that I never gave anything to a boy and graduated with a heart saved for the man God had set aside for me.

Moving into college wearing my "true love waits" ring I knew when people looked at me they would judge me in the matter of seconds. Quickly I learned that those "seconds" were more like "milliseconds" and people turned their noses and moved their mouths quickly. Now I wasn't just the "weird girl" but more the girl who was "inexperienced" and made fun off. This was hard a first since in high school I had some people who supported me.

 I spent my first 2 and a half years of college at a Community College in New York. I met my fiance there and I am so thankful for that, because without him and his family I do not know if I could of stayed there that whole time. People would ask me about my true love waits ring and then either accept what I had to say about it or quickly judge me on what I had to say. I know I have had times when people would make fun of me for it and I would just have to smile and walk away. But, Ted would always encourage me about what I was doing right and so would my mom. So I got thought it just like another challenge I had to face.

After those two and a half years I  changed my major and I moved home. I then started taking my sexuality class that I have blogged about in my earlier post. Which you are more than welcome to read :) So I'm just going to pretend that you have read it and start off from there. Not only has my teacher taken this class to extreme but now has brought someone in from Pure Romance to come talk to us about sex toys and sex lubes and stuff. Yeah yeah yeah, your saying what that's fun!! Well, to me its not. If you want to go to a party for them or to go and have fun with your girls then, that's for YOU to decided. I should not have to have something I do not agree with pushed upon me. If you don't know what pure romance is, its about how you can make your masturbation the best thing possible or how to make your sex life perfect....So with sitting in class for about 20 minutes my heart started to hurt and I knew God was talking to me. I knew to shine my light and to take a stand for my beliefs was I would have to walk out. So once the teacher went through and started putting on edible lubricant on peoples arms I walked out with my head held high.

And now I'm here telling you whats wrong with the picture,

I understand how some people may want to "experiment" with these different types of things, but these different things should be discussed with you and your HUSBAND OR WIFE!!! NOT A CLASS OF COLLEGE STUDENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!?!!?!!!!?!? I understand that MARRIED people may want to come up with different things but that is FOR THEM TWO to decided not the WHOLE CLASS AND TEACHER. Its not that I'm against sex, yes is something MARRIED people will do and its something that GOD has given to us as a GIFT, its the fact that we are talking about it as if its okay for us to do with ourselves and to do before marriage. It is the fact that it is okay for us to be so consumed with our own sexual pleasures rather than be concerted about what pleases God. It is the fact that I'm sitting in a class with 20 plus people who are not married learning how to please themselves and their PARTNERS not SPOUSE! THIS IS A PROBLEM! HELLO WORLD WAKE UP!!!  We are too worried about how to please sourceless first than how to please our GOD! We are too worried about sex and not worried enough about how to help others! THESE THINGS SHOULD BE DECIDED BETWEEN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMEN AND GOD WHO ARE MARRIED RATHER THAN SOME GIRL OR BOY WANTING TO PLEASE THEMSELVES! ALSO THERE IS MORE TO A PERSON AND TO THIS WORLD THAN SEX! and if you do struggle with this and dont understand more, there is HOPE for you and God FORGIVES EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING you may have done, that is what makes HIM SO GREAT! He loves you and wants you to walk with him and wants your heart too!

To end this ramble of thoughts, I just want to say that today I walked out for the first time because something was being forced upon me that had no way of helping me live for God but only for myself. and I REFUSE TO PUT GOD LAST AND MYSELF FIRST! and I hope you do too.

love always,




  1. I completely agree. But I know that many Christians, like you and I, struggle with some of these issues. This is not to say that what was happening in your class was appropriate, because I do not believe it was AT ALL. But, I do believe that Christians struggle with lust. And because many Christians are trying to deal with it and consider it a temptation, it can be harder for them to get over the hurt and issues from whatever brought the temptation to them. From my research on this topic, many who (like that 2 year old mentioned) were sexually abused as a child struggle with issues like masturbation and saying no in different situations. This is not excusing their mistakes, but it can explain why it is a bigger struggle for the individual. So, I guess my point is that it was amazing what you did and that took a lot of courage, but you never know who else may have been in that class that was too scared to do the same or may be struggling with those issues because they were not given the people in their lives to support them as they grew up to have the "pure mindset" if you will. :)

  2. What an amazing post Dawn! You are such an amazing woman and I count myself fortunate to know you! God Does forgive our sins and I know that first hand. I know that throughout college your actions were always holding me accountable for what I was doing even if you didn't realize it. Ted is a wonderful man for you and truly sent by God. Your marriage will be blessed so much with God as the center of it.

    Love you dawn!

    Katelyn Draper